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Going Postal - APP Controlled High Top LED Shoes


Take your dance moves to a whole new level with APP Controlled Light Up Shoes!

APP CONTROLLED - That's right our shoe lights are controlled by your cell phone. Our color wheel allows you to choose from over 256 different colors.

CREATE YOU OWN PATTERN - This app allows you to to create custom blinking patterns. Add up to 16 colors and then choose the pattern you want these colors to blink. Such as Flashing, Fading, or Gradient.

CONTROL YOUR SPEED - This awesome shoe allows you to control the speed of your light up shoes. This allows for amazing light streaking effects when you're dancing fast. Or a nice cool relaxing gradient change when you are chilling.

SYNC - Simply choose your colors and watch as your shoes blink to the beat of your favorite songs. You can even sync the music from your phone's library to the app. 

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE - Your shoes will last 4-6 hours per charge. They are USB rechargeable. 

ALL OVER PRINT - This awesome shoe is crafted with vegan leather allowing us to print anything anywhere. You can even create your own design by simply emailing us your photo!