Electric Styles is proud to partner with Zephyr Bags.

Zephyr was founded by two American Veterans -- a Sailor and a Marine -- with a thirst for adventure, a drive for excellence, and a passion for service. During our time in the military we were constantly on the move and never knew where we might end up in six months’ time. This demanding lifestyle taught us not only the importance of packing minimally and traveling lightly, but also the immense value of the small comforts we managed to fit into our packs.


After the military we found ourselves living a life in San Diego full of beach days, camping trips, and music festivals. Despite this drastic change in lifestyle, our love of exploration did not diminish and we found that our needs remained largely the same: travel light, travel comfortably, and travel efficiently. Recognizing an opportunity to meet these needs, promote our passions, and give back to our brothers and sisters in arms, we created Zephyr to sell high quality and affordable outdoor products while making an impact on a cause we care deeply about.


Our inflatable hammocks and hammock chairs provide hassle free comfort on the go. Not only are they durable enough to withstand the demands of active duty life overseas, they are also perfect for use at home, whether at the beach, camping, sports events, or your own backyard. Made of lightweight yet tough ripstop nylon with a weatherproof coating that resists the elements, our hammocks pack up easily into a convenient backpack allowing you to bring a bit of relaxation wherever your next adventure takes you.


We know these hammocks will change your life, but that is just the beginning. We plan to expand our line up of experience enhancing outdoor goods, and all the while we’ll be donating a percentage of our sales to Veteran Nonprofits under “Operation Zephyr”.

Doing good and adventuring better: It’s what Zephyr is all about.


They sell a variety of products that include:

Inflatable Hammocks

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable Couches

Inflatable Sleeping Bags

Inflatable Sofas

Blow Up Hammocks

Blow Up Chairs

Blow Up Couches

Blow Up Sleeping Bags

Blow Up Sofas

Camping Hammocks

Hammock Beds

Hammock Couches

Hammock Camping

Hammock Chairs


Zephyr Bags

Check out all their gear here www.zephyrbags.com

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