The summer is over and the EDM outdoor events are done for the year, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait for the Sun to show up again to complete your wardrobe of rave outfits! Listed below are some of the top trends in rave costumes. From light-up hoodies, bras, accessories, and even kits to help you make your own light up items, we’ve got everything you need for a GREAT rave experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Light Up Hoodie

Light up hoodies are an awesome rave outfit option that are perfect for the chilly nights and can be used as your rave costume, or integrated with the rest of your wardrobe. An easy sound pack upgrade allows these babies to light up with the beat of the music. They are available for both men and women, and come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, and pink.

If you opt not to have the sound pack included, you can still light up three different ways:

  • On - leaves the hoodie lights on all the time

  • Fast Blink - causes the hoodie lights to blink on and off quickly, and

  • Slow Blink - causes the lights to blink on and off a little slower.

Our hoodies are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large, to accommodate our customers as best as possible.

Find your light-up hoodie from Electric Styles by clicking here.

Light Up Bras

Light up bras are a fantastic way for women to make a statement with their rave outfits. Available in six different configurations and in 14 sizes ranging from A to D cup, there is ABSOLUTELY something for everyone. These unique bras are made using only the highest quality materials available.

If you can’t find a bra in your size, Electric Styles offers a premium service that will craft a custom light up bra for you by hand! There aren’t many other EDM companies that offer that level of service.

Light up bras come in various styles and can be made to light up to the beat of the music at your rave party. The lights shine so bright, they can even be seen in the day time. These are perfect for raves all year long.

Flash your stuff with Electric Styles Light Up Bras by clicking here.

Light Up Accessories

Sometimes, having a hoodie or a bra just isn’t enough to complete your costume. If you are looking for that extra touch, Electric Styles offers a wide selection of accessories including hats, ties, and glasses to flesh out your rave outfits. All of our light up accessories blink to the beat of the music, and come in a variety of colors.

Ravers seeking a truly unique look can use our El Wire Wits to make their own glasses!

Find Your Electric Styles Accessories Here!

Make Your Own Rave Costume

If you’re not quite feeling our pre-made light up products for your next rave costume, you can easily make your own awesome outfit using our proprietary El Wire Kits. Our wiring kits are available in a variety of colors to accommodate ravers with all different tastes. You can choose from a number of lines. Our largest kit comes with four lines and the battery pack you need to keep the lights on while you party. We also have kits that include the sound beat box, so you can light up in time with the beat of the music (requires 4 AAA batteries).

Our kits allow you to get more creative with your colors and rave outfits. If you plan on wearing something other than a hoodie and one of our accessories, this is the way to go. Use our El Wire kits to light up anything from a t-shirt to a skirt. Or, if you need to customize a hat, pair of glasses, or a bra to your liking, you can use our kits to customize something you already own.

You can adjust the lengths of the wire, as long as you glue it at both ends with the end caps we include in the kit. All of our kits include the three mode battery pack, which requires two AA batteries to operate. Animated battery packs are also available so you can create cool patterns in your lights, like the ones you see in our bra selection.

When you make your own outfit, remember to use a dark fabric, as this will produce the best look. The lights will work against a light fabric, but will not create the most desirable effect.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to using our kits to make your own costume. You will be the life of the party when you walk into the room, and make a statement no one will forget!

Buy Your El Wire Kits Here!

Tips to Keep Your Costume Running Beautifully

  • Keep multiple sets of batteries with you, especially if you are planning on going to a multi-day event. The battery life varies from product to product, and how it is used. Batteries will last longer on slow blink than on sound beat.

  • When you make your own costume, make sure the battery pack is secured. If not, it could cause wires to break.

  • Always unplug your battery pack before washing any of your light up clothing and accessories. The battery pack is not waterproof. Wash your items in cold water, on delicate. Hang to dry. Do not put your clothes in the dryer. The heat and tumbling in the dryer can destroy the lights.

With proper usage and care, the lights should last about three years. All of our products are tested before leaving our facility to ensure correct functionality. We want you to look great at your next event wearing our products!

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