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Men's Light Up Shoes


Our Light Up Shoes (better known as Electric Shoes) set the bar for quality, comfort and innovation. Electric Styles top shoe designers have created a fusion of premium materials and new technology to consistently make our LED Shoes the best on the market.

Since the Light Up Shoe craze swept the nation in the nineties, our Electric Shoes have gotten some major upgrades. With color changing modes and rechargeable batteries, these shoes love to stay up late as much as you do. Whether you plan to hit the dance club, camp out at a music festival or take the stage, wearing a pair of Electric Shoes will kick it up to the next level. This eye-catching footwear is a favorite of World of Dance competitors, the Instagram famous @GirlsThatShuffle and musicians like Caked Up. Wherever your adventures take you, your Electric Shoes will light the way!

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