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Glow Wire

1. Use darker material for a better look. This is why we use black material for our Light Up Bras and Light Up Ties.
2. The length of Glow Wire can be adjusted. For example, let's say you want to light up your backpack with 8ft of red El WIre and 6ft of blue El Wire. You can buy our Two Line El Wire Kit and cut 2ft ft from the red and 4ft from the blue El Wire. Make sure to glue end caps on the wire after you adjust. We include extra end caps in all our Glow Wire Kits. Remember when using Glow Wire to be patient, it is art and ART IS FUN! 
3. Secure the battery pack. Don't let the battery pack hang freely, because this may cause the connectors to break off.The battery pack has a clip on it, which is how the battery pack is secured to the back strap of our light up bras.

View How Our Sound Pack Works: